Golden’s Tint & Glaze Poster

Golden’s Acrylics has been one of my favorite companies to work with over the years. It’s a family business working out of a small town in New York that is committed to supporting artists in every possible medium. I was lucky enough to develop a friendship with Lori Wilson who is the public face of Golden’s during a three week workshop in Italy several years ago. She can answer any question related to acrylic paint that you can come up with and is just a treasure trove of knowledge.

Last year Golden’s put together this Tint & Glaze Poster which is a comprehensive chart for color mixing. I snapped one up the minute it came out and plan on using it exhaustively throughout this challenge. It sells for $9.95 (plus sh/h) and it’s like a master recipe book for color mixing. It’s a large poster and since I didn’t want to devote a wall to it, I cut mine in to page size rectangles and put them in a folder. This also makes it more portable so I can drag it to wherever I’m mixing paint at the moment. If you could use some help with color mixing and don’t have time to take a class on color theory, this poster is invaluable.


All thoughts are welcome!

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