Antique Desk Chair

ImageI bought this chair at Matilda’s Mouse Annual Clearance sale last summer. Matilda’s Mouse is a monthly barn sale held at the Betty Crocker Estate in Valley Center, California. Matilda’s People create a fantasy each month that is so full of eye candy that the constant sounds of gasps practically becomes a low hum in the building.

This chair was a little sad when I found it. The fabric was old and the finish was worn, but it had the two things I look for in a good chair – it was sturdy and didn’t wobble.

ImageI used Faux Effects Stain & Seal on the whole chair, custom mixing the color for the center back. The pattern was achieved through the use of a Modello masking pattern (Orn All 110) which is basically an adhesive stencil. There’s no better way to put a pattern on any surface.

ImageI chose a soft periwinkle fabric for the seat and added new batting to make it nice and cushy. It’s trimmed out in a pale teal and silver cording to fancy it up a bit. Now it’s ready to give a new owner a soft place to rest.

Check it out here in my new Etsy Shop

Inventory used: Stain & Seal


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