Master Bedroom Makeover – Day One

My husband does a lot of travelling for his job, which I see as an opportunity for home improvement. He’s a bit fussier than most about dust and things being out of place. Thus, our master bedroom hasn’t been painted since we moved in, eleven years ago.

Right after he left on Sunday I disassembled our room and got it good and empty. Normally when painting a room you can just push stuff to the middle, but I had decided to finally paint the ceiling, so the entire floor needed to be cleared, in case paint-flinging occurred. Paint-flinging tends to happen when my favorite song comes on the radio, or when I’m panicking under an unrealistic deadline.

The ceiling in our room has this great lifted center, bordered by thick moldings. It has been screaming to be painted for 11 years, but when we first moved in, my husband was concerned that I would paint a clouded ceiling if I was allowed to touch it. Those were in style back then, and I did a lot of them for clients. They’re not in style now so if you have one, call your painter back to paint it out. Go crazy and have them stencil the corners or the center, you’ll love it!

I decided 11 years was long enough to look at a white ceiling and though I did not clear this with my husband, (sorry, Hon!) I’m putting some color up there. I won’t be stenciling the ceiling, because I will be stenciling the walls. But also, because stenciling ceilings sucks. Make sure you pay your painter double for stenciling your ceiling. She’ll need it for her chiropractor and/or masseuse.

I chose a palette of five colors and put two of the stronger colors on top. The blue in the center gives the impression of sky without the tackiness of clouds (which are totally out of style. I’m not kidding, call your painter!). I know the colors I’ve chosen are a little loud and you’re supposed to make your bedroom a sanctuary (a word that’s used way to often nowadays, and creeps me out), but at this point in our nearly 20 year marriage I decided we need a little more energy in this room. If only symbolically.

So stay tuned and watch the colors unfold!

p.s.- My husband comes home today, so say a little prayer for me.

Inventory used: latex paints (2 quarts emptied from The Stash)


All thoughts are welcome!

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