Master Bedroom Makeover – Day Two

Day Two went real smoothly, thanks mostly to the miracle that is summer vacation and having two able bodied teenagers planted on my couch. They work in exchange for food, and also to keep me from yelling things like, “Get off my freakin couch!”

Anyway, even though  one of them had never used a roller before (obviously not my kid) in about 4 hours we turned the walls from what you see above, to…..

THIS! Awesome, ay? The paler blue shade kind of tones down the ceiling colors, which is what I was hoping for. It also makes the shutters really pop. I think the feeling is very coastal which, being about 15 minutes from the coast, is quite fitting.

So now it’s ready for the fun part, by which I mean I will toil away for days, stenciling 2 feet per hour, until my stencil muscle (found between your elbow and wrist) threatens to seize up, and I regret having big ideas. I have to keep going to get the back wall finished before my husband returns so I can put the bed back. He’s a lot more supportive of my insanity when he’s had a good night’s sleep.

Side note: For those of you who read this blog carefully and saw that yesterday’s post said my husband was coming home last night…….ok, you caught me. I am posting photos that are two days old. My husband did come home last night, the back wall is stenciled and the bed is back in. Smartypants!

This is a photo of my dog Percy (Prince Persius of Percyville) who is the real reason I have to get the bed back in the room. You can see the utter disgust in his eyes that he has been reduced to laying on the floor like a dog. He would like to know who he can complain to about his present living conditions and where he can get thumbs so that he can move the mattress himself. Sheesh!

Tomorrow I will reveal the stenciling so stay tuned.

Inventory used: Latex paint (1 gallon can and 1 quart can emptied from The Stash!)


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