Mirror Makeover – Day one

Ever notice how  you start one home improvement project and it turns in to ten? There has to be a name for that. Maybe Projectitis. Having been a nurse for a short period in my life, I know that adding “itis” onto any word means a swelling of whatever is in front of it. Bronchitis; swelling of the bronchioles…..Tendonitis; swelling of the tendons……you get the idea.

So I’m going to invent a word that we have needed in the DIY vocabulary. PROJECTITIS: the swelling of projects usually occurring after beginning one small project; typically begins with this false statement, “it’s only going to take a couple hours, Honey!”

Projectitis doesn’t limit itself to the worker either, it can affect the watcher as well. My husband has added to the list getting the carpets cleaned and repainting the baseboards. I’ve only added redoing the lamps, the accessories and buying new bedding (I’m restraining myself).

The mirror above resides in my master bedroom. It has always been this color, even though the rest of the wood in my room is dark. It came with the house and was jammed in to the wall with large nails, so I’ve never removed it. Now that the room has a different color palette, we’re looking at everything that takes up space there and trying to figure out what will stay. I decided I still want to keep it in my room, but the color had to go. So stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll reveal it’s new look. Hope you can sleep despite the anticipation.


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