Master Bedroom – Truly Finished

Okay, so it’s as finished as it needs to be to get all my furniture out of the hall so I can stop bruising my knees every other day. I am still suffering from Projectitis (trademark), I want to paint the lampshades, I need to repaint the frame on the artwork that used to hang over the bookcase, I need to get new bedding, I need to find money to get new bedding, the list goes on and on. But here we are right now.

Again, the stencil is from Royal Design Studio…..the only place I get my stencils.Ignore the bathroom…I do every day.

Here is the new addition to the room. A little desk for me. My brother will be living with us for an undetermined amount of time starting this week and I had been using the guest room as an office. My brother has been living on the East coast for way too long and he’s making the move to find work in California. I couldn’t be more thrilled, so don’t feel bad for me.

Plus, look at how cute this desk is. I love it. It’s an antique we’ve had for years, and I just reupholstered the chair in a vintage chenille that is so comfy to sit on. I’ll have to raise the desk or shorten the chair to accommodate my permanent pain in the neck, but that’s not hard to do. Plus Percy (Percy Von Percival of Percyville) loves hanging out in the bedroom.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! He’s sleeping.


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