What I wouldn’t give for an old screw

I could spend days looking for an old screw (Literally, not what you were thinking, that’s gross!) to try and match these antique cast iron handles, but I knew I could just faux finish them in a couple minutes. So here’s a quick tutorial on creating old looking hardware.

First prime the screws with a black primer. I use Faux Effects Black Setcoat, but you could use any black primer.

See, it’s better already, but since I really want to rust them to match, I went a couple steps further. Small steps, baby steps.

When the primer has dried, paint a generous coat of Modern Masters Iron Paint. You can buy this through Royal Design Studio. I will warn you that this stuff wreaks. It is made with real iron, so it smells like raw metal ( I’m guessing that’s what it smells like, it’s not like I ever worked in a factory). So definitely open a window. I didn’t take a photo of this step because it looks just like the previous one.

So now you’re wondering to yourself, “If it’s black, then why waste the time with the primer?” Because the iron paint is not very opaque so you would have to glob on a ton of it, that’s why, smartypants. Plus the primer sticks to the metal better so you’re saving yourself from having to do this again every three months. Work smarter, not harder.

Now here’s the fun part. Dip a small brush in the Modern Masters Rust Activator and make sure the hardware gets a nice even coat of this. Don’t let it drip, unless you want dripping rust, then go right ahead. As the product dries you will see it slowly rust, and it will continue to rust over time. You don’t have much control over how it rusts but I will tell you that it works best if the iron paint is thick. If you don’t think it rusted enough you can put on another layer of activator. If you put on the iron paint too thinly, you can always go back and put on more iron paint and then activate it again.

Now I will warn you, I know I said FAUX finish, but this is actual iron paint and it creates actual rust. If you don’t want this rust rubbing off on clothing, etc. you must put a clear top coat over it. This will also stop the rusting process.

So just look at that! Looks like I got a couple of old screws without even leaving the house!


All thoughts are welcome!

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