My New Art Wall

I painted my living room last Fall and purposely left one wall empty, (by empty I mean that there is nothing hanging on the wall, it’s obviously not empty, but full of flowers and swirls, I get it) because I wanted to have an art wall. I had collected pieces and had a unique idea of how to display them, and this weekend I finally did it.

Super cool, right?! So the ledges are made out of the wood pieces that make up a barrel.  I had a half barrel that fell apart last fall and I’ve been trying to use the pieces, so there you go. Now I’ll break down the pieces in my collection……

I have a thing for crows, just a warning. This is a photograph taken by my friend Dana Wilkerson. I mounted it on a counter top sample I made for a client. It’s been sitting in the studio with no purpose. I framed the photo with four rusted metal filigree corners I bought this spring at a Paris flea market. (Don’t you hate it when people just drop in to conversation that they’ve shopped at a Paris flea market? Makes you want to stab them in the head with your boring Wal-Mart fork). I absolutely love the combination of materials. I think it shows off the photo perfectly. And it’s an awesome photo.

This is just a piece I made out of paint chips for fun.

This is a piece I painted that is also for sale in my Etsy shop. I love the little fat blue bird in the corner.

This is another fantastic crow photo by my friend Dana Wilkerson. It’s super spooky looking and I love it. The old frame is beat up, but it was given to me by a friend who told me it had survived the fires here in San Diego even when his house didn’t. I love it’s gothic flavor and the subtle smell of mesquite.

This is a brass/cloisonne style dish that I found at a thrift store and fell in love with. Every home needs at least one unicorn, right?

This is a painting my husband bought for my mother when he was in the Middle East. Unfortunately, she died the night he came home, so she never saw it. It reminds me of their relationship and how special it was. He said it was painted by a street artist. My mom would have loved it.

This is a print I bought at a craft fair from a local artist who shares my dark sense of humor. It’s titled “Bo Peep and Eric.” Bo Peep’s evil face just kills me.

These are metal letter stencils that I bought at a Paris flea market (there she goes again, why hasn’t anyone stabbed her?). I put scrapbook paper behind them to highlight the letters. Simple.

So there’s my new art wall. There’s room for more and it’s definitely open to change as I find new pieces. I love it!


78 thoughts on “My New Art Wall

  1. I love all of your decorations and you definitely need to have something with a unicorn… they protect the house from intruders! I also love the little fat bird and the tree picture, very pretty!

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  3. I’m also an art lover.”Bo Peep and Eric” got me!All the art pieces blended together perfectly! Congrats on being FP! Looking forward to hear more from you.

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