O’Farrell School Project – days 2 and 3

Sorry I haven’t posted these past two days but I’ve been so tired after finishing painting, I’ve only had enough energy to shower off the stench, watch an hour of Olympics and go to bed. (Go USA!) The project is progressing on schedule, but only because my family has been such a huge help.

This is the table sans profanity. My brother did a fantastic job. Thankfully the table is solid wood so he could sand beneath the graffiti and get to a blank slate. We decided against trying to sand between the planks because we would risk screwing up the edges. I’m pretty sure I will be able to get everything to match.

Here is the table after one coat of a Dark Walnut Old Master’s Gel Stain. It was applied with a staining pad and allowed to soak in. If we had missed any choice words, this is where they would have shown up. Luckily nothing resurfaced.

The second day was all about priming. I’m telling you, even white is better than the pastel yellow/blue combo from before.

We primed every wall, door and trim with Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer Plus. It says it will stick to laminate. If you’re working on a surface with years of who-knows-what on it, look for a primer that will stick to laminate. Laminate is the ultimate challenge for any product because laminate was created in a way that prevents anything from sticking to it.

Thanks to my brother, Jim, my sister, Kathy and her wife Lisa for helping me get all this done in one day.

It is important to note that any primer’s ability to stick only occurs after it has had adequate time to cure and harden. So if you put tape on a freshly primed surface before it has cured, the tape may pull up the primer when it’s removed (which totally sucks because it takes all the paint with it).  This product says it takes 7 days. It’s for this reason that we painted all the walls first and are allowing it to cure over the weekend, so that it’s ready for tape on Monday.

So this is what we accomplished on day three. The trim and doors will be painted a different color next week.

One of the girls in the office asked me what color this is and I told her I call it “Crap I mixed up in my garage.” According to the challenge of this blog, I am not buying anything new and am only using products from The Stash. So this color was created with 2/3 gallon of dark tan (everyone’s favorite color), two quarts of two different greens, a little bit of teal, a little bit of the color from my master bedroom, and a generous amount of Yellow Light universal tint. Easy peasy.

The real challenge was that we ran out of this after the first coat (which I know is a amateur move, but I was basing coverage off how much primer we used but it was obviously much thinner than the paint). So I raced home to try to make another gallon out of any other scrap I had left. I had more of the dark tan (I’m swimming in tan), I found about a half cup of some green I used in my family room, a lot more teal, a little more of the master bedroom wall color, and a lot more of the Yellow Light universal tint. Success! It matches perfectly.

Thanks again to my crew, my sister, Kathy, her wife Lisa, my daughter, Dianna and her boyfriend, Jeremiah. Couldn’t have knocked out two coats in one day without all of your help. Thanks also to Diet Coke and Starbucks for fueling all of us.

Lastly, here is the table with the second coat which was a Spanish Oak Old Master’s Gel Stain. This was applied with a staining pad with the excess wiped off. All it needs is a top coat.

Very successful week, thanks to my awesome family.

Inventory used: oil stain, and latex paint (two quarts and one gallon emptied from The Stash!)


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