O’Farrell School Project – Day 4

This is going to be short…….just humor me.

Today the trim was started. I got one coat on all the doors, the frames and the bulletin board frame. I did not get to the windows at the front. This blue is a combo of two blues, a little black and 2/3 gallon of white semi-gloss all from The Stash. It’s a little greyer in person, but again, this is just one coat, so some of the primer is still showing through.

I also got one coat of polyurethane on the big table. I use Arm-R-Seal’s wipe on polyurethane. It’s awesome.

Sorry this is short. The heat is killing me. I KNOW we don’t have heat like all y’all in Oklahoma City, but it’s all relative. If I’m working on a ladder, with no ac and the sweat has perforated every article of clothing on my body, it still sucks. I know it sucks harder in Phoenix, but I live in San Diego where we pay way too much to be guaranteed 70 degree air 90% of the time. And I KNOW it seems weak to complain when you’re donating your time. I swear I’ll stop whining tomorrow. My dog Percy (Li’l Phea) woke us in the middle of the night trying to kill my brother who was coming in at 2am (no judgement), and I couldn’t get back to sleep til 4am. Tonite I promise to sleep and develop such an inner cool that the elements will have no effect on me. Swear.


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