O’Farrell Charter School Project – Finished

I am now enjoying a well deserved glass of wine and smiling at my photos of this week’s makeover. To fully appreciate it, let’s take a look at the before pictures…..

Ewwwwwwwwwww…..grody! This school has gone through a lot of changes since it was built in the 50’s, and I believe this color scheme was left over from when it was an elementary school. Now the school serves middle schoolers, but they are planning for the school to serve K-12 in the near future, so it definitely needed a more mature palette.

This room is the lobby of Family Social Services which is an incredibly busy place.  This room hosts the community’s families and all the many needs they have. O’Farrell staff just wanted a place that conveyed security and warmth. So let’s see how we did…..

This is a work station and library. It’s a great piece donated by Pottery Barn, and they make good use of it. The artwork above was sitting in my studio. I had made them for a home show years ago and they were just collecting dust. I looked at them last night and realized they would be perfect, both in color and material. They’re plaster samples embellished with stencils from Royal Design Studio. The samples were mounted on foam core board which is really light weight so I was able to mount them with 3M velcro strips instead of nailing them to the plaster wall.

This is an interior window that was sadly covered in butcher paper. Apparently the room is used for meetings with students in crisis, so privacy is very important. I pulled down the butcher paper and replaced it with a scrapbook paper quilt. What I really like is that most scrapbook paper is double sided nowadays so it’s as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside, unlike butcher paper, that’s ugly on both sides.

The cabinet and bulletin board makeovers were the most fun to do. My idea for the bulletin board was to put up “frames” for all the important notices that go up there. These metallic rectangles make it easier to differentiate between all the similar pieces of paper, since each piece is framed in a different color. Even if you put something on the green background it shows up better because the color is broken up. The green spaces are for bigger posters and things.

The cabinet was fancified with a fantastic painted pattern thanks to my awesome stencil from Royal Design Studio (the only place to get stencils). Both of these projects were painted with metallic Royal Stencil Cremes from, you guessed it, Royal Design Studio (I’m sure you’re wondering if I get a commission from them, but I don’t, they’re just the best decorative paint resource in the world, I’m serious). These stencil cremes are awesome. If you’ve ever painted with metallics, you know they are notoriously transparent, so you have to paint 10 layers to get them to show up, and stenciling with them is a huge drag. Royal Stencil Cremes have fixed this problem. I am not lying when I say that this stencil was created with one coat. NOT LYING! Run out and buy one in every color (I swear I don’t get commissions).

Last, but not least, the conference table is stunning. Now that it’s been sanded, stained and declared profanity-free, it’s open for business. I’m not so naive as to believe that the students will be so taken with the restoration that they’ll no longer feel compelled to carve an F word on to it’s virgin surface, but for this moment, it’s beautiful. That has to be enough.

Thanks again to my family for helping me out on this project. Your potty-mouthed stories made the time go by more quickly and helped me ignore the sweat running down my back.

I’d also like to thank O’Farrell Charter School for giving me the opportunity to pay them back for all the good they do every day for the children of this community. I’m sure if there are levels in Heaven you will be far above me, so it was nice to get to hang out with you all before the afterlife.

Inventory used: Latex paint (one gallon and two quarts more from The Stash)


6 thoughts on “O’Farrell Charter School Project – Finished

  1. I’m obsessed with that table. I wish you could have re-vamped the conference room at my old school!! It was a depressing little space. This looks like it will facilitate great things for the school! Great work!

  2. I hate to be a valley girl, but OMG!!! It’s beautiful beyond my wildest dreams. I’m so happy for O’Farrell & especially FSS to have such a beautiful space. Congratulations on another excellent job. (I can’t wait to get back to school & tell everyone I know the artist!)

  3. Thank you so much. It is beautiful,clean and beautiful!.I can’t wait till the kids and parents come back and see their reaction!
    You and your family are the BEST. Thank you so much.

  4. Karen – words can not even begin to express how appreciative we are! The office looks great and all of the teachers coming back are drooling over it. The common phrase uttered was, “Wow, it feels so homey in here.” I can not wait for the students to come back and see the beautiful work you have done. Thank you so much for everything.

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