Weekend Treasure Hunting

Matilda’s Mouse Antiques is a monthly event held far north of me in Valley Center. I live within view of the Mexican border, but I travel all the way to the absolute northern end of our county for Matilda’s. It’s always worth it.

This past Sunday was their annual clearance event. I think they hold it in August because they have to bribe people to get them to come to Valley Center in August. Every county has it’s hot spots and Valley Center is one of the warmest spots in San Diego county on any given day, and we’re experiencing a heat wave at the moment. So even though I knew Matilda’s was going to be loaded with treasures priced to move, I also knew I was going to be dripping with sweat as I loaded them  in to my car.

I’m sharing this info so that you understand why I have no photos of this weekend’s event. I didn’t even realize it until the next day that I didn’t take even one picture. I must have been out of my mind. Matilda’s decorates their events in a way that screams to be noticed (see above). So I think you can understand how miserable I was that I never snapped a single picture. When I get hot, I get panicked, and I focus on doing whatever I can to get out of that environment. So, sorry about the lack of photos.

At least I can photograph my haul. So here goes……….

  1. An old rusted candlestick sconce – it’s going to be so fun to paint up and sell
  2. An amber colored glass – I collect these for water glasses in my dining room
  3. An old card catalog – needs a little restoration, but then I’ll paint it for sale
  4. Old casters with clay wheels – I’m putting these on my little desk to raise the height.
  5. Really adorable table – blank slate to paint and sell
  6. Two knobs – ducks holding crowns on the face…just had to have them.

Not a bad haul and it all fit in my Prius. My best friend barely got her haul in her Prius (yes, everyone in California owns a Prius. It’s a law). But to illustrate how hot it was, she and her daughter burned their hands loading the metal bistro set into the back. Shopping scars. Freaking hot!

Days like that make me miss my Mom the most because she used to call me and say, “Do you want to go to the Wild Animal Park today and get hot chocolate?” She killed me. Don’t ever go to the Wild Animal Park in August….unless you’re trying to lose weight….or have a death wish, and if that’s the case, enjoy your hot chocolate.

Gotta get in the studio and start painting up these beauties.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Treasure Hunting

  1. I used to go antiquing and garage-sale-ing with my mom every weekend when I was younger and this totally reminded me of the adventures we would have. I love the card catalog and now want one!! Great haul!

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