Roughing it

No, I’m not scanning in postcards. This is where I live. Yes, that’s the Hotel Del Coronado in the distance. Yesterday I got kicked out of my house by the Ant Guy (exterminator I think is his title, but that sounds so mean). He was putting some sort of toxic, cancer-inducing product in my home that was so horrible that I had to be out of the home for 4 hours. And then it magically disappears………yeah, right.

Anyway, that also meant my dog Percy (Prince Percy of Percyville) also had to be out of the house. So I decided we’d wait it out at the dog beach in Coronado (I think the locals say ON Coronado). Not a bad place to bide your time.

We were there at low tide so there was plenty of “seaweed monsters” to investigate. This one almost got poor Percy. He bolted a couple times when the monster tried coming after him (also known as blowing in the wind).

These photos are from my phone, so they’re not perfect, but I think you can get the idea that even the dog side of Coronado Beach is Paradise. I was born and raised in San Diego, and I did try to leave for a couple years, but how can you compete with this? I tried. You can’t.

I think Percy’s smile says it all. Not a bad place to be banished to. Lucky us.

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