Moroccan Jewelry Armoire

This is a piece I picked up at an estate sale about a month ago. I saw it in a corner and just swooned over the paint possibilities. The original price was more than I wanted to spend, so I went home without it. At home I told my husband about what I’d passed up and he said I’d made a huge mistake (I’m sure none of you have husbands who tell you to get back out there and spend money, but my husband is strange, and I’m incredibly cheap). So I ran back to the sale to see if it was still there and it was there, just waiting for me. I asked what their lowest price was and since it was an hour before they closed they cut the price 50%! Just put it in the car, Mister Sir! It originally had a dark brown finish, typical of anything from the 70’s. I forgot to take a “before” photo so help me out by trying to remember the dining room table you grew up with (can you see it on the blue shag carpet, with an orange macrame owl on the wall….the one with the scary glass eyes……..remember?) Now you have the idea. When I buy a piece like this I get a lot of ideas, so I wait for something to push me in the right direction. What directed this one was several sheets of leftover Modellos from a previous job that were just sitting in my studio. Modellos are adhesive stencils that are used to apply pattern to nearly any surface. Because they are adhesive you aren’t limited to stenciling with paint. You can use all kinds of liquid products without the fear of the material bleeding under. For these patterns I used a metallic plaster called Lusterstone. I have a lot of this in The Stash and am going to have trouble using it all I’m sure. I love the product for it’s ease of use and slight shimmer and on this piece it looks just like velvet. I just love the carved shell and the little feet. I ‘m a sucker for feet on anything especially ones with toenails.

The color palette I used came from a pin I saw on Pinterest. I’ve found a lot of cool color palettes on Pinterest encouraging me to try new schemes. I haven’t used these colors together before but I love the way they look together. I have a board on Pinterest that’s just for color palettes if you want to check it out.

I’m completely thrilled with how it came out. I can see it being the centerpiece of a really glamorous closet, or a great storage piece in the ultimate craft room. It’s now for sale in my Etsy shop if you want to take her home.

Inventory used: latex paint, metallic plaster


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