Vintage Hand Painted Candle Holder

I picked up this cool candle holder at the August Matilda’s Mouse sale. It originally had a ugly, cracked varnish on it, and the above picture was taken after all that was sanded off. I loved the rust so I didn’t touch any of that.

Here it is after I refinished it. I used three Stain and Seal colors; teal, rich brown and Van Dyke brown. Stain and Seal is a Faux Effects product that acts like a stain by biting into the wood and it sticks to nearly any surface. It also has a sealant component, that makes it really durable. After the stain I lightly distressed it and  put on a Van Dyke brown glaze to antique it. I sprayed a clear matte topcoat on the metal pieces so that the rust won’t rub off on the wall.

I looked this item up online and it’s called an Admiral’s candle holder. I guess they used to be used in the Admiral’s quarters on Navy ships. That explains the rust. I can see it hanging in a beach cottage or in a really cool dining room. It’s for sale now in my Etsy shop if you know anyone looking for a new treasure.

Inventory used: Stain and Seal


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