Behr Sample Paints

“As God as my witness, I will never be stashing again!”

A friend told me about a product today that may prevent me from ever developing a swollen stash again.  It’s Behr sample paints which are available at Home Depot. I know paint samples aren’t new, but these pots from Behr have a lot of advantages over the other brands, that you may or may not be aware of. Behr samples are real paint; what I mean by that is they have binders in them. Most samples from other stores are just color. You can paint a small wall to test the color, but it can be washed off because they don’t put in the binders (the expensive part of the recipe) which is the component that makes paint stick.

These samples from Behr are actual paint and if that isn’t enough, they are a primer as well so they have great coverage, meaning you don’t have to paint 5 coats to get a solid color.

Another benefit is you can have them tinted in any color Home Depot offers. Some paint stores only offer samples in their most popular colors. So if you like colors other than beige then you’re going to have to buy a whole quart (click here for my thoughts on the color beige).

Why does any of this matter? Because if you’re into doing small projects like furniture, these samples are perfect. You can get the color you want, in a real, durable paint, but you don’t have to store a nearly full quart once you’ve used the two ounces you needed. Several of the quarts in The Stash were bought for either samples or small projects. These Behr samples will definitely keep me from falling into this pit again. Amen to that!


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