Family Reunion

No painting today. We’re going to our family reunion. This is a photo of my family when I was little (I’m sitting on Dad’s lap). I had a great family growing up. My family was the one all my friends wished they had. One of my friends ran away to our house once and one of my room mates after college lived with my parents for a few months when her life fell apart. We love taking in strays. Kind of a Humane Society for humans.

We’re a lot older now, and the perfect family isn’t as perfect as it was. There’s been a couple of divorces, some business failures, health problems and worst of all, the loss of our mother. But my family has always been good at one thing, picking ourselves up, sometimes picking each other up, and finding a way to laugh our way through to the other side.

The reunion itself came about because my mother died. Our extended family blew in to town the day after she passed and we sat around and cried and laughed for hours and decided we needed to start making it an annual event. The first one happened the day after my dad remarried, eight months after my mom died. He married the woman my mother told him to marry. My mother was so brilliant that she not only knew who he could fall in love with, but who would heal his heart.

I will spend this day with the rag tag group of survivors still here, laughing till I cry and resurrecting the past through stories I’ve heard a thousand times. Life will go on whether you want it to or not. So you might as well hang on to the crazy people around you and find a way to laugh your way through.


2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. Karen, I always love the way you speak about your family! Yes, anyone who knows your family would have given anything to be a family member, including me!

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