Student Desk Area – Planning Stages

(The British Library, above)   I have a serious thing for books. I know this is something my mother gave me. The thrill I get every time I go in a bookstore, I know started when my mother took us to the library. She always let me check out the full six books my library card allowed. And with two other sisters and a brother allowed the same courtesy, that’s a lot of books in the back of the station wagon.

My mother and I went to book groups together and book signings, she would even fly in for the writer’s festival in Denver when I lived there. Every time she visited me in Denver we would spend a whole day at The Tattered Cover (above), the best independent book store in the country. Drinking coffee and going floor to floor with my Mom was Heaven on Earth.

When I had my daughter I assumed she would love to read the way I had, but she was a very different child from I. She never stopped moving, which makes it hard to read. She loved to be read to, but when it came time for her to read alone for school, it was hard to find a book that was more interesting than running and climbing. And then came Harry Potter…..thank God. Harry Potter made my daughter love to read.

Now she’s in high school and her desk area hasn’t been touched since she was seven. I refinished her desk this summer, but now it’s time to do the walls. She wants something that gives her the same feeling she gets when she walks in to a library. We’ve been collecting ideas on Pinterest (we’ve created a board just for this project). We’ve picked up a couple antique drawers to hang as shelves so far and looked at a couple color palettes. She starts her Fall break on Saturday so we’re trying to get it done while she doesn’t need her desk. Wish us luck.


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