Study Spot – Day One

This is the before shot of my daughter’s study spot which is in our upstairs hallway. I did the walls here when she was seven and really in to the color purple. We’re both over it. The first step in the makeover was actually refinishing the desk, which took place this summer (click here). Yesterday I painted out the walls.

The color I mixed is a grey with a slight warm green tinge. Since my daughter wants this space to feel like a library, I wanted a color that would not draw attention away from all the wood we’re going to put on the walls. If you’d like to get a feel for the direction we’re going, please check out our Pinterest board.

This color was mixed from The Stash and started out beige (of course. Yes, I still have a lot of beige) which I tinted with black and green. It reminds me of my favorite Restoration Hardware color Silver Sage, which I know looks great with dark stained wood.

The first coat of paint had 50% Zinsser 1-2-3 primer in it. I did this to ensure that it would cover up all the stripes and stenciling. I hate doing 3 coats of paint, so adding the primer in the first coat helped me avoid that. The second coat was just paint.

Now I’m ready for the fun part, installing the wood and shelves. Stay tuned!

Inventory used: Latex paint


All thoughts are welcome!

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