Study Spot – Day Two

The base paint is up and now I’m working on the back wall which is going to be the focal point. If you’ve checked out my Pinterest board dedicated to this makeover you’ve seen the various wood-paneled walls that I’ve pinned for inspiration. I also love the idea of installing drawers on walls to use as shelving. We got lucky at a barn sale at Matilda’s Mouse a few months ago and scored three antique drawers with painted metal handles which were perfect. Then we scored a large crate and two small Kraft cheese boxes at Kobey’s Swap Meet last weekend.

I got lucky at a thrift store last week and found an entire dollhouse kit, that I decided to use for scrap wood. When I opened up the box I could see why someone got rid of it. Every single detail has to be put together. Nothing is assembled. There is a whole bag of just shingles. What kind of crazy would you have to be to do this?

The siding pieces are nice and I went to work staining all of them. They came in varying lengths so I’ll be able to do the wall kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I’ll also be using big flat rectangles of wood for images and poetry.

Once the drawers and crates were scrubbed I laid them out on a piece of butcher paper to make templates that will help me lay out the wall.

I traced around each box. It’s important to do this when you’re working with antique pieces because they are rarely straight, and you need a precise outline of each drawer.

I also wrote on the template the depth, and any notes that apply to this drawer. This one is going to stick out 4 3/8″ and needs to hang horizontally because it has a divider inside that we want to use to showcase a rubber duck collection.

After I cut out all the templates I taped them on the wall to figure out where I want them to hang. (This isn’t the arrangement I used in the end)

Excuse the quality of this photo. It was taken with my phone last night. But at least you can see the progress. The boxes are all up, and I installed paper into the backs for interest. The one piece of paper that is still hanging is a place holder for a door panel that I haven’t finished painting. Over the next few days I will be paneling the rest of the wall with bits and pieces of wood, so stay tuned.

Inventory used: oil-base stain


3 thoughts on “Study Spot – Day Two

  1. I can’t even begin to formulate how much I love this! In the fine tradition of excited internet speak, all I can manage is ASDFLJGOI!!!!! That is amazing, gorgeous, exciting, interesting, unique! I want it! 😀

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