Study Spot Makeover Complete

I am going to apologize up front for the number of images in this post, but I can’t help myself, I am madly in love with how this makeover turned out. But can you blame me? It’s so perfect! I have to admit that I stopped and stared at this space about a hundred times yesterday after we got it all finished. It’s a radical difference from where it began.

Horrifying! Stop it! I hate it!

Here’s the finished project before Dianna decorated it. So what you’re looking at is a wall paneled in planks, moldings, antique drawers,  three crates, and random flotsam from the studio. I stained all the planks prior to installation and then cut them to fit around the big pieces that I installed first.

A big thank you to my husband who showed me how to use the power jigsaw and nail gun. The tools definitely made this job go more quickly.

There are two dollhouse windows and two doors that I made from the dollhouse kit I picked up at thrift store. My daughter printed out two images to put behind the windows so you have a view out the windows.

In the upper left corner is copy of the Edgar Allen Poe poem “Annabel Lee” which is my daughter’s favorite. The door panel on the right will be painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Primer Red so that my daughter can use it as a chalkboard.

I love the dimension that the doors and crates add to the wall. The finish on the desk and the cast iron drawer pulls coordinate perfectly.

One of the drawers showcase her rubber duck collection and the drawer on the bottom holds her Tim Burton characters from “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories.” The antique typewriter is her inspiration to write.

The really old, big crate holds her really big books. I love how they look all lined up together. The lower drawer hold her collections of rocks, candy and sea glass (all in separate jars because that mix sounds dangerous). The silver bar and the orange bar (seen in the last image) are magnet bars. The poem on the right is another favorite, “A Dream Within a Dream.”I put a really deep shelf above the window and it holds her Harry Potter collection as well as her Shel Silverstein books and other favorites. The pink puff is a character from Harry Potter.

I hand stamped a favorite quote on one of the planks with a set from The Curiosity Shoppe that’s selling in Target right now for $10. I love the set because all the letters and numbers have different fonts, so it’s very whimsical. It was perfect for her favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland, “Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

So there it is, a brand new study spot. She broke it in yesterday with a little history homework. She says the old walls made her feel like a little kid, but now she feels like a college-bound scholar. Maybe this makeover will result in straight A’s this year. One can only hope.

Inventory used: oil-based stain, Stain & Seal


17 thoughts on “Study Spot Makeover Complete

  1. This absolutely blows me away. I can’t even begin to explain how much I want this somewhere – anywhere – in my house. I want to make this my writing desk and feel all grown-up and important when I sit there! (I’m 35, I still don’t feel grown-up sometimes.)

    So beautiful! So many kudos for your amazing work and delightful creativity!

  2. Oh my. I’m utterly jealous. 😛 I love this! It is like a dream study spot. I love the antique typewriter and the camera. *Seriously looking at my dull desk and rolling my eyes. Hahaha..

  3. I love my desk soo much. Thank you so much, mom. When I was doing my homework I couldn’t help but look up at the wall. It’s so freaking awesome (and it makes my ducks look good).
    I love you so much! ❤

  4. Holy Hemorrhoids, Batman! This space is absolutely brilliant! This one might just be my favorite of all your projects–I just love all the beautiful woods and the craftsmanship involved in piecing it all together so precisely and creatively. (My wood…uh…”creatiions” never ever quite fit together like that & I’m insanely jealous.) Dianna is very lucky to have a one-of-a-kind mother like you.

    • Thanks, Lisa! When you see it up close you’ll see that pieces don’t fit perfectly. I fool the eye by painting all the cut pieces so you don’t notice the mistakes. It’s the overall look that’s important and the design is supposed to look like a mess, which bodes well for me. Can’t wait for you to see it up close!

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  7. You have a gift that always escaped me! My diy thumb leaves a lot to be desired. Could I improve by reading you? What I most love about this project is the wood planks you nailed to the walls. It makes the whole whimsical look come together.

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