Matilda’s Mouse – Halloween Edition

Matilda's Mouse BarnI was a lucky girl on Saturday and was able to make it out to Matilda’s Mouse Halloween event. Matilda’s Mouse is a monthly antique and home decor event in Valley Center which takes place on the Betty Crocker estate in an old barn. Several women work together staging both outdoor and indoor vignettes that are so creative and interesting it can take you hours to go through it completely. I always take my daughter, and usually we invite friends, but at some point we end up separating because chatting distracts your focus and you don’t want to miss anything. I ran into my favorite client this time and even though we had months of gossip to catch up on we had to walk away from eachother.

 I’ve never been able to make it to their Halloween show, but this month the date was wide open and I’m so glad we made it. It’s about an hour long drive from my house but totally worth it.

Matilda's Mouse AntiquesThis lovely lady welcomed us in to the show. Some people are creeped out by mannequins but they just crack me up. If you can look past the non sleeping doll, the bed frame is really pretty. Nearly everything you see is for sale at the show, even the huge built-ins and fixtures so you really have to pay attention.

Matilda's Mouse HalloweenThey did a really good job of making spooky look beautiful. The fossilized bones and glittering skulls make a great black-n-white color palette. Who would’ve thought!

Matilda's Mouse Antiques

My daughter loves owl and there were at least one hundred of them dressed in all kinds of paraphernalia. This one was her favorite.

Matilda's Mouse antiquesThe small details in each vignette are the best part and reveal how completely creative this group is. Can you see that the rat on the table has a muzzle on?

I have to apologize for not taking more photos. I get so caught up figuring out which treasures have to go home with me that I forget to take any. I do a big Halloween porch every year, and this was the perfect place to find new additions. My next post will reveal what made it to my car and how I fit them in to the Halloween extravaganza that is my front porch. Stay tuned.


All thoughts are welcome!

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