Happy 20th Anniversary

20 years ago today, in my parents backyard, I said, “I do,” in front of my friends and family, to the man above on the left. Most of the people there had never met Russ because living the life of a pilot means you’re not home very much. It was an odd choice for me, since I had avoided military men my whole life, which living in San Diego, is nearly impossible. I loved my family and didn’t want to live away from home, but the truth is, you can’t choose who you fall in love with.

We met on a blind date that I had tried to get out of several times, but he caught me on the phone when I was trying to cancel and his dry sense of humor caught me off guard. I could tell right away that he was wicked smart, which I have a huge weakness for. Add to that a very dark sense of humor and I was hooked.

On paper it was a poor choice. He was gone a lot, he came from a very broken home, he’d had his heart not just broken, but crushed, but my family has a habit of picking up lost puppies, and he was certainly lost. I like to say that he didn’t fall in love with me, but that Russ fell in love with my family. He found in us what he had been looking for, and did everything he could to win over our hearts. He succeeded, even though I nearly died on a date with him, even though he dragged me away to Florida and then Denver, like I said, he’s wicked smart.

He showed me the world. I have been more places than I ever imagined. I’ve stood on Hadrian’s Wall,

I’ve slept in a castle,

I’ve walked across The London Tower Bridge, several times,

I’ve pushed a trolley into Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, (for all the Harry Potter fans out there)

I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, twice,

I’ve been to Hogwarts,

I spent three days in Venice,

I drank wine in a vineyard in Italy,

I’ve seen the Coliseum,

and I’ve been to the Vatican City in Rome.

Above all that, we’ve raised a compassionate and beautiful daughter who has only known a father’s love that fiercely fights for her every day. My mother used to say, “I’ve never seen a man love a child more than Russ loves his daughter.”

In the last 20 years I have been given more than I ever dreamed of from a man who came with so little in his hands. What matters most in this world is the depth of  person’s soul and the courage and strength to share it.


8 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on being married to the unexpexcted man of your dreams :0) I know what that’s like, being married to a man who I wouldn’t have been connected to on eharmony or match.com :0) I’m so happy for you and for this new journey you are on.

  2. Congratulations!! You have always been an amazing and inspiring couple. Completely open, and brutally honest, sometimes to the point of seeming mean – you both give and get exactly what you need from each other… and isn’t that what it’s all about anyway.

    from one ‘old couple’ to another – Love, Kathy

  3. I was moved reading your post today by the tremendous and enduring love you two have for each other. And that love has persevered, not only through easy times, but also through difficult (a.k.a. “lightning”) times and has grown stronger because of it. I treasure you both and am so glad you shared your love and commitment for each other today. Congratulations and many more!

  4. Congratulations, Karen & Russ! What a great story and with awesome pictures. You are the most perfect “smart” and “dark humored” couple that know…and I know how hard that shit is to find!

  5. I love you guys so much. I have the best parents any daughter could ask for. Though I was cringing as I saw old pictures of me, this was a beautiful post and I can see why you were pestering the three of us to read it. I love you, mom and dad!! ❤

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