Anthropologie – Chula Vista

In search of the perfect shoes to go with the perfect dress for my daughter to wear to Homecoming, we ended up shopping a lot this week, and I didn’t buy one thing for myself. Such is the life of the mother of a teenage girl. I did wander in to our local Anthropologie store which is sometimes as close as I get to going to an art gallery. So, yes, I took pictures. I know it’s lame. But for all those people working in the visual merchandising department, I just want you to know…..I see your work, I appreciate it, and I am inspired by your creativity.

Anthropologie-Chula VistaI love this bookshelf! I might need to add something like this to my daughter’s study spot.

Anthropologie-Chula VistaChevron patterns are hot right now, but you don’t realize how special this one is until you get up close to it.

Anthropologie-Chula VistaThat’s right! the pattern was made with strings of paper clips. Do you have any idea how long that must have taken, and how many trips to Office Depot? Good news is, anybody with a hammer and a lot of patience could do this. Or in my case, anybody with a lot of wine and a “Walking Dead” marathon could pull this off. Although, in my case, I’d probably wait to hammer in the nails til the next day.

Anthropologie-Chula Vista

This caught my attention because it’s a mix of a couple things. It’s an antique wall unit, but they covered the panels with this really interesting fiber art.

Anthropologie-Chula VistaThese are iPhone photos so excuse the quality. It seems like the panels are covered in a really thin woven fabric and then bits of crocheted and knitted pieces were added to make the diamond, the corners and the random pieces that are sewn on top. What’s really interesting is that they also glued in pieces of gold leaf flakes here and there. Pretty interesting.

No painting got done this week. High school took up nearly all my time, but there’s only one Homecoming dance a year. Sometimes you gotta put the brush down and pick up a couple lattes on your way to the mall.


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