Ocean Beach, California

Newport Avenue AntiquesI’ve been working on a new idea this week so I’ve been hunting in San Diego. Tuesday found me in Ocean Beach at Newport Avenue Antiques which is a great antique mall with several fantastic vendors.

Newport Avenue AntiquesI really enjoy all the creativity on display, or IN the displaying. So talented.

Newport Avenue AntiquesThis vignette makes me think of old-timey beach days. Totally adorable.

Newport Avenue AntiquesI love these chairs, but they reminded me that I have two chairs that need to be reupholstered.

Newport Avenue AntiquesI took three photos of this vendor because her love of color and the ’50’s just made me happy.

Newport Avenue AntiquesSorry this one is so bad…they’re phone photos.

Newport Avenue AntiquesHow cute is this? Love the Pyrex.

Newport Avenue AntiquesIf you love antiquing, Newport Avenue is definitely worth a visit….I promise.

Vignettes AntiquesA few doors East up Newport Avenue is my other favorite store, Vignettes. It’s an antique store, with a twist. The vendors do a fantastic job dressing up their spaces like Fantasyland. I love it.

Vignettes AntiquesCute, controlled chaos.

Vignettes AntiquesThis vendor was getting her space ready for the holidays. The velvet pumpkins are scrumptious. She told me she hand knit 80 of these stunning stockings hanging from the chandelier. Can you see the curly toes? Wonderfully twisted.

Vignettes Bird CageI will leave you with this photo. It makes me want to cry, it’s so cool. This is all here in my own hometown. Have you been out there lately? Grab your purse and get shopping!


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