Christmas Decorating

glass ornaments

Photo by Dianna Jorgenson

We decorated for Christmas this weekend. To be completely truthful, I’m not usually happy about the holidays. My mom died nearly six years years ago, and to put it bluntly, it’s just not much fun without her. This year I’m determined to push past my Grinchness.

I read something from Allison Dubois last month that said that our loved ones hate to see us sad during family events because they would give anything to be there instead of watching from the other side. I hate to think that I’m making my mom sad, so I’m trying to be thankful for all of it. The neighborhood cookie party, the gift exchanges and yes, even the decorating.

So here’s some of the new touches we added this year….

three Christmas treesOur fake tree died last year, by that I mean it looked fried and sad and asked to be put out of it’s misery. I don’t like the idea of cutting down trees, so I decided to buy three different types of live trees that we can plant after the holidays are over. Because they’re live and need to be watered I put plastic trays under them to protect the floor. And since all of that is ugly, I wrapped the pots in a large swath of natural fabric and tied it with a ribbon. One of them sits on an overturned pot, just so they’re all different heights.  I think they turned out really well.

Percy attack

Our dog, Percy, believes that anything that looks like a stuffed animal should be in his mouth, and then they get ass-raped which is just sad (poor Lambchop). So some of our ornaments just can’t be put on the tree, and since I chose small trees, the large ornaments couldn’t be used either.

Christmas ornament boxI decided to put them somewhere that Percy couldn’t get to them. This terrarium is from IKEA and it’s really fun to decorate. All I did was pile in the ornaments and a string of white lights. I love it.

Christmas snowflakes

photo by Dianna Jorgenson

We have a vase full of branches up on our Hoosier Hutch and I love throwing these snowflake on the tips.

Christmas candleholderThis weird green tree is a candle holder. I pulled off the votive holders and put a few of the large glass balls on the stands. Normally the white doves are our tree topper, but Percy was just drooling at their feathers so they had to be moved to a higher level. I know it’s different, but I love it.

Mom's Christmas treeThis little tree was my Mom’s. I put my most fragile ornaments here along with some of my mom’s ornaments that I saved. It’s right outside my bedroom door so I get to look at it right when I wake up and just before I go to bed. Peace on Earth.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Karen, you got some trees after all! They’re beautiful & I hope they provide a little comfort and joy this holiday season. And yes, Mom will be so happy that you’re allowing yourself to celebrate this year.

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