Matilda’s Mouse Antiques – Christmas Edition

white Christmas treeMatilda’s Mouse Antiques has outdone itself this time. This weekend is their White Christmas show and it was breathtaking. So many trees, so many beautiful vignettes. The creativity of this group just blows my mind. It took us two hours to work our way through the barn, making sure we didn’t miss anything.

Matilda's Mouse EntranceThis was the grand entrance. One thing you have to remember while you gaze is that everything is for sale; the manger, baby Jesus, naked statue and yes, even the wood doors.

concrete swanI loved this swan on the mirror at the entrance. The moss and glittered ornaments scattered about were truly beautiful.

teal French dresserThis French dresser and mirror is stunning on it’s own, but the little gold trees and all the bling just make you want to take the whole thing home.

silver Christmas treeThis narrow, silver tree is fantastic, but what makes it truly spectacular is how they surrounded it with fabric, hanging it off pillars and sconces in such a haphazard fashion. I’m always wondering how long it takes them to put all this together.

White breakfrontThis large white piece holds so many little treasures, I wish I could show them all to you. I love the yards of blue pom-pom trim.

upside down Christmas treeI love this upside down tree. All I kept thinking was, that’s one way to keep the dog from getting the ornaments.

antique children's chair

Isn’t this sweet?

blue Christmas treeI think the little houses perched on this tree are precious. Did any of you have grandmother’s that had these giant glass grapes? I think my Grandma Vera had purple and green ones. I always thought they were weird, but I think they work in this vignette.

glamour roomThis little room was just oozing with glamour. The chandelier is phenomenal.

Christmas mannequinIf you’re looking for serving pieces, Matilda’s always has so many to choose from. They have tons of silver and glass, and so many interesting pieces of china in really unique colors. One table had several purple transferware dishes. I didn’t even know they made purple ones.

patron saintThey have several religious icons, and nativities which I love. This big one had a sign stating that it was the Patron Saint of Interracial relationships. They have patron saints for everything. That’s so cool.

metal reindeerThis is the other half of the glamour room. It took me stepping back to realize that the big metal table was actually a reindeer. How cool is that?

Christmas tree lightsThese are the trees you see as you leave. I little piece of magic to take home with you.

Portino's mac n cheeseOur tradition upon leaving Matilda’s is to go down the street to Portino’s Italian restaurant. We were blessed the first time we ever went by some regulars who told us that the mac n cheese is to die for. They were absolutely right, and so we never pass it up. Take a vacation from counting calories and remind yourself how good comfort food is.

Well that’s the Christmas Edition of Matilda’s Mouse Antiques. They are open tomorrow, so it’s not too late to go. Don’t you have Christmas shopping to do? Go find some truly unique gifts for the people you love. Thank me later.


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