Keeping Secrets

old painted knobLet yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.-Rumi

Have you ever had an idea that you love so much that you can’t bear to say it out loud? You cherish it so much that you don’t want to send it out to play because the world might be mean to it, our worse – steal it. At some point you have to realize that keeping the dream a secret is no longer protecting it, it’s suffocating it. I am very much at this point with a new idea.

toile corkboardThe past few months I have posted very few painting posts, but I have been painting like crazy – in secret. I let my family in on it and they have been very supportive. (But then again, you’d have to live in a pretty mean family to have them crush your dreams) Then I showed it to one of my closest friends and she loved it. Her being a working artist with years of experience running a business, made me think I’m going in the right direction. With their support I have been pushing forward; getting a website, opening a new Etsy shop, another Facebook page, etc. You have to have so many bells and whistles to start out nowadays.

I really don’t think I’m quite ready but my brother insists it’s better to send it out into the world and tweak it as I go. He says this having many more years of launching products than I ever will, so I think I would be stupid to ignore him.

red fabric pocketI have a little more work to do that is absolutely mandatory. I just wanted to tell anyone who’s listening that I realize my posts have been sparse, but I’m actually working like crazy. I’m just asking for a little more time, and a little more patience.

I really do think it will be worth it.


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