Ok I’ll say it……….I’m addicted to The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

It’s a beautiful weekend here in San Diego. It rained yesterday, so we have the kind of blue sky today that looks like it was freshly washed clean. I started a new project yesterday that’s sitting in my studio, calling to me. The dog toys are everywhere, (he’s spoiled; he has about 50 of them) even the ones he tore up, leaving mounds of stuffing and detritus everywhere. The dishwasher needs to be emptied/reloaded. Yet here I sit……in front of the tv……….where I’ve been since about 10 am. THERE’S A WALKING DEAD MARATHON ON!!

I could blame this on a couple things…if I was one of those people who won’t take responsibility for their weaknesses. The dog is asleep on my feet and he’s making it really hard to get up.

I could also blame it on my daughter. She’s been sick and we had to cancel her birthday party today, so I need to keep her company. Don’t even try to make me feel bad that she’s watching this when she’s sick. It makes her life seem not so bad. It could be worse, she could be getting eaten by a zombie. Silver Lining People!

This is nobody’s fault but my own. Well, mine, and AMC’s. The second half of this season starts tomorrow (which is all I’ve thought about this week) so they’re running a marathon leading up to it. I may not go to bed tonight. It’s so awesome!



4 thoughts on “Ok I’ll say it……….I’m addicted to The Walking Dead

  1. Don’t feel guilty! You;ve survived so much lightning in your life that you deserve a guilty pleasure. (You’ll never believe mine–once in a while, I like to listen to Def Leppard–so don’t feel bad, your addiction isn’t half as demented as mine is.)
    Relax, make some popcorn & wrap that baby in the Jesus blanket & relish every minute of it. When you start to fall asleep, tape all the rest. And please tell Dianna that I hope she’s better soon.

    • Thankfully AMC started playing the second season again around 8pm so we could change the channel. Season three will be on today. We agreed to not turn it on until 4pm to see the last two episodes before the new one at 6pm. We need to get some work done so we can wash the “loser” off of us.

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