Going Public

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I just went back through my posts and found it’s been over a month since I posted anything that I’ve actually painted. And like I said a few weeks ago, it’s not that I haven’t been painting, it’s that I haven’t been ready to share what I’m painting. Now I feel I’m finally ready to show you what I’ve been doing. So here goes…….
handmade mail organizerI have been making wall mounted organizers. This idea came about after I finished the makeover on my daughter’s study spot. I had so much fun doing that. I loved shopping for all the salvaged wood, old drawers and hardware, but I really had fun piecing it all together. It was like a big jigsaw puzzle.

Two things pushed me to the idea of turning that project into something portable. First was my brother saying over and over again, “I just know someone would pay you to do this in their house.” He has always been one of my biggest fans. The problem with that idea was that I’m completely burned out on working for people as I mentioned in one of my earliest posts. So I started to think about how I could make a portable paneled piece that had the same flavor as my daughter’s wall.

The next thing that pushed the idea was a stash that I haven’t disclosed on my blog before. A few years back I had an idea to make binders out of old books.

salvaged book bindersI got really old books, gutted them, installed a 3-ring binder spine and sold them as binders. I absolutely loved making them, but I had a problem finding the spines. I tried removing them from old binders but often the spine got twisted when I removed them and wouldn’t close right afterward. So I found a company that sold just the spines. Problem was, they only sold in bulk so I had to buy 100 of them. It was soon after that purchase that I realized it was really hard to find the books in the right size.

Since then I have had 95 binder spines sitting in boxes and nothing to do with them. I also had a couple large books in my studio that hadn’t been the right size for a binder, but I figured out that if I turned them sideways and lined them with a fabric pouch, they could be a great catchall. These organizers are the result of those two ideas.

hanging mail holderThis organizer features a small book pouch and a triple frame that both hang from the 3-ring binder spine. The spine opens so that the accessories can be removed and exchanged if desired. I’ve put pictures in the frames, but obviously they could be customized with your own photos.

dry erase boardThere are three hooks under the book for keys. I turned the yellow frame into a dry erase wipe board and added vintage fabric under the glass. The cigar box on the right is a great little cubby for pens, stamps or business cards. The paper covered box inside can be removed. The denim covered bars on the bottom are magnet bars and the bottle caps are magnets.

handmade mail centerNearly everything on the board has been salvaged but the painted finishes are new and built to last. I can see this being hung in a kitchen, home office or entry way. The wall organizer is ready to be hung with sturdy D-rings at the top.

I have a new Etsy shop just for these pieces so please check it out. I’m also building a website and will add links to that as soon as it’s complete. Over the next week I’ll be introducing new pieces and I hope you’ll give me feedback on them.

This blog was started as a recording of a two year destash, but I had also hoped I would find a new passion for painting. I’m absolutely in love with this idea and I hope you will be too. Please feel free to share this with friends….I need all the feedback I can get.

Inventory used: latex paint, Stain and Seal


4 thoughts on “Going Public

  1. I think they are funky-fun, unique, and you might want to think about going up to Del Mar and Solana Beach/Cedros Ave to see if some of the stores would put them out for sale. Very cool idea, love the reuse-repurpose in an artistic way that you have with found items.

  2. Hi! I found you through Kelly Rae’s Possibilitarian post. Isn’t she the best? Your wall organizers are fantastic! I’m so glad I ‘met’ you and look forward to keeping up with your creativity here. 🙂

    Unfortunately, I’m a no-reply blogger with no current fix. 😦

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