Thrift Shopping High

thrift store bootyI had an itch to stop by my favorite thrift store today. We have a lot of thrift stores in Chula Vista, but the Veteran’s Thrift Store is my favorite. (This is where my dad says, “You know, none of their profits go to Veteran’s.” He may be right about this, which makes me a terrible Navy wife, and for that, I’m sorry) I know they employ a lot of local people because the place is big, and I’m all for that.

The reason I love it is because the back half has kind of a salvage area full of random hardware, doors, shutters and tons of surprises. You have to hit that area first cuz they don’t let you go back if you have merchandise in your hands. Apparently it’s common for people to escape paying for secondhand undies by scaling the concrete wall, jumping the razor wire and tearing down the alley. Whatever rows your boat dude.

Anyway, I had a great visit today and came home with some great treasures. Treasures that I’m sure no one else can see the value in, but it made me happy. Go figure.

So from the picture above, starting at the blue box and going clockwise:

  • Blue metal file box- it’s pristine inside, just a few scuffs on the outside. Way cool.
  • Red cardboard file box- I’m going to try this new fabric tape on the edges to fancy it up a little.
  • Wood spool rack- I’m going to add these to a board to hold washi tape
  • Pink stripe fabric- Great in a mail organizer
  • 4 hooks, 1 keyhole plate, buttons- all for boards
  • Grey chenille bedspread- I have no idea what I’m doing with this, but I’m addicted to chenille and it was $2
  • Amateur oil painting- I sold one of my paintings and there’s a hole on the Art Wall. I think this is adorable, and it goes with the room. Perfect.
  • Brown and white bedspread- I have big plans for this. New curtains for the studio and the rest will be a new table cloth. (Is that nasty to eat off of something someone else slept on? I’ll wash it on HOT.)
  • Black Asian fabric- The graphics are real different. I’m thinking it will end up being a pillow for the couch, mixed with another pattern or two.

I came home, spread out all my haul and was just overwhelmed with ideas. I’m such a cheap date.


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