Best Table Ever!

laminated fabric tableSorry for the long absence. It’s Spring Break here, so we’ve been running around in the sunshine. Sorry for all y’all suffering through the long winter in the midwest and east coast. We pay extra (closer to double) to have 70 degree days for Spring Break. So I guess you’re richer, but we’re tanner…..except me who never stops being bright white no matter what I do. Anyway…..

I bought this table a few months back at Matilda’s Mouse. It came with your standard Shabby Chic finish.

cottage chic tableI tend to leave pieces lying around the house until I get a vision. The vision that came to me last week for this piece involved a piece of fabric that I bought at a thrift store years ago. The fabric was actually a set of drapes and I’ve used pieces of it in various projects. I just love the print and the smoothness of the material.

floral endtableI mean look at how cute this fabric is. I decided I didn’t want to use Mod Podge because I wanted to be sure it could hold up to drippy cups and wine spills. To make it hold up to everything I used my toughest finishing products to glue it down and topcoat it. I loaded the topcoats so that it feels slick like old fashioned oil cloth. Super smooth.

floral end tableI’m absolutely in love with how it came out. It’s so adorable that it’s going to be hard to sell. Fair warning to my followers……..this goes on Ebay this weekend. Contact me this week if you want to make a deal before I reveal it to the public.

Bragger’s Note: I got my 100th email subscriber this week. Yay! Thanks for all your continued support.


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