Junking for Treasure

I got a call from a friend last week who said she’d found some things at her grandparent’s house that I might want to take a look at. Turns out she had recently moved in to her grandparents home, after they had passed away. She had been told the house had been cleaned out, however when she got there the stuff in the house had just been moved to the garage. So she’s going through the stuff and trying to figure out what’s worth keeping, what needs to be donated, and what’s worth selling. Her grandfather had been a builder, so there is tons of building materials and her grandmother had been a seamstress, so there’s boxes of fabric and notions. Listening to her dilemma just made me salivate. So I asked her (more like begged her) if I could come up and take a look. I had no idea what I was in for.

junking treasuresThis photo may look like I scored big, and while that is true, I need to explain that these treasures came after looking through probably 2% of the total contents of this property. The grandparents have been in this home for around 60 years. The grandfather, being very handy, built cabinets all over the place, so rather than get rid of stuff, they just filled the cabinets and built more.

The house has¬†two two-car garages, one with an attic, one with a utility room, both have full size workshops in them. They also have a back patio lined with cabinets. There’s also a shed, a camper, a boat, a truck and a car. Everything except the car, boat and truck are stuffed full of stuff. The sheer amount of stuff my friend needs to go through is mind boggling. We got through the cabinets in the patio and four boxes of fabric (there are probably 6 more boxes of fabric). So we haven’t even touched the garages or the cabinets in the house.

My husband taught them all about Ebay and we found a lot of treasures that I know will sell immediately. The house needs a new roof so she’s putting the profits in to a roof fund. I’m going to go up as often as I can to help her go through it. It’s fun but at the same time overwhelming when you work all day sorting and realize you haven’t even scratched the surface.

It’s a lesson in hanging on versus letting go. I’m more of a letting go kind of person. Piece by piece we’ll get a handle on this, and hopefully restore this little house back to it’s original state.


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