Look At My Box!

mini dresserThis little beauty was one of the things I snagged when I was helping my friend go through an overwhelming amount of stuff left at her grandparent’s home. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but Saturday I had a brilliant idea that I could make this little dresser help me organize all the hardware I’ve been accumulating.

Since I planned to use Stain & Seal to refinish it I just scrubbed it real good and removed all the hardware. Stain & Seal is a product from Faux Effects International that looks and works like a stain, in that it’s transparent and can be thinned with another Faux Effects product called FX Thinner which gives you more open time, like a glaze. What I love about the product is that it sticks to almost anything and when it dries it has a nice sheen like a varnish, so you don’t have to varnish it (Get it….. Stain and Seal). You can top coat the piece if it’s going to get a lot of wear, but for the most part, like on a piece like this, you can just leave it as is. Seriously, I washed it, applied two coats and I was done!

painted hardware organizer

Isn’t it adorable?! I replaced the knobs with little wood beads and screws and I replaced the original handle with a cool old aluminum one I had scavenged somewhere. The two colors of Stain & Seal I used were Teal and Rich Brown, in case you were wondering.

drawer organizersI cut scrapbook paper to fit in the bottom of each drawer, just to make it pretty, and then I jammed in these plastic inserts that will help me sort all my screws, hooks and nails. I think the plastic dividers came from a box of mochi ice cream. I had saved them because I thought they would make good paint palettes (not cuz I’m a hoarder, cuz I’m not). I had enough of them for three drawers, which I think is enough. If it’s not enough I’ll just have to eat another box of ice cream. Dang!

So anyway, there’s my two-hour makeover on my booty box. (Booty as in, Pirate’s Booty………not as in, “I wish Johnny Depp would give me a booty call.”)

Inventory Used: Stain & Seal


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