Where Have You Been?!

Build-Your-Own Mail OrganizerMy last post was way too long ago, but I’ve been busy. I’m making a whole group of new products for my Salvaged Sanity Etsy shop. I’m building blank organizer boards, mail holders, frames and hanging pads so that you can make your own board. Each piece will be sold separately so you can pick and choose what’s on your wall organizer.

Thing is, you can’t put up naked boards without also adding items to clothe them with. So I’ve been trying to come up with a bunch of stuff that’s all ready to be listed simultaneously. The first few boards and books will get listed tomorrow and I’ll post more details then.

thrift store bedNow if that wasn’t enough, I’ve stumbled across a couple things I’ve been looking for while doing my thrift store excursions. This head and foot board is something I’ve kept my eye out for ever since I saw pins like this:

I’ve wanted a bench for my front porch for years, but I can’t stand spending a bunch of money on something that’s almost completely for show. I mean, I don’t live in Georgia and sip mint juleps out there. I just think a porch should have a bench. This website above has great tutorials on transforming headboards and footboards into benches. The bed I found last week is going to work perfectly.

On the same thrift store outing I ran into this giant bolt of fabric and couldn’t walk away without it.

upholstery fabrichuge bolt of fabric

There’s so much fabric on this bolt, I told my husband we should skip painting the house and just wrap it in this stuff!

The pattern is to die for and I thought I could make a great outdoor cushion for both the new bench on the front porch and

the Jorgenson salonslipcovers for the cushions on the back porch as well. These covers are starting to disintegrate, and when I priced new fabric the cost was a bit prohibitive (there are two side chairs as well).

So this is just my pathetic way of letting you know that I put way too much on my plate. Thing is, I’m having a great time and just can’t stop long enough to type about it on my laptop. I’ll be back soon to show you all the new listings.


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