Starting in the Bedroom……Ending Up on the Porch

thrift store bedAs previously mentioned………I bought this headboard and footboard at a local thrift store with the intention of turning it into a bench for my front porch. I’d pinned tutorials on doing this to my “Crafts for Home” Pinterest board awhile ago. I wanted a bench with some character, and this one really spoke to me so I snagged it for $40. The torn up portions on the footboard make it difficult for it to be used anymore as a bed, so it was perfect fodder for a bench makeover.

diy benchHere’s my husband giving me his entire Saturday after figuring out that the bed I bought didn’t have the key features needed for me to do this project all by myself. If you check the tutorials you will see that it’s much easier to make a bench from a bed if there’s a slot in the footboard big enough to slide boards into it to make the bench top.

My bed didn’t have a slot so….my husband volunteered to build a bench into the sides of the footboard. I would never call this man an angel, and anyone who knows him knows why I won’t (yeah, I married a bad boy), but I will say that he was completely selfless to give this bench his entire Saturday. I’m man enough to admit that this wouldn’t have gotten built without him. At the very least it would have gotten built, but no one weighing more than 50 lbs. could have sat on it…………at least not for very long.

In the interest of full disclosure I’d like to mention that my husband wanted to countersink all the hardware and make it really professional looking. I wanted the bench to look home made (and I really wanted to stop wasting his time) so I asked him to leave all the hardware fairly visible.

garden benchIsn’t it beautiful?! The height of the bench makes room for a thick cushion I’m making for the top with the giant bolt of fabric I bought at the same thrift store.

So now that the bench was built and primed I just needed to decide on a color palette.

I had this one saved on my “Color Palette” Pinterest Board. I was looking for a palette that included the orange and blue that’s on another piece and already sitting on the porch. Since our house is grey I changed the dark color on the bottom to a pale grey, but kept the other four.

color paletteOut comes The Stash! Remember The Stash? The original goal of this blog is to get rid of my giant stash of paint before July 31st, 2014. I’m not allowing myself to buy new paint until it’s gone. So I had to try to create this palette from my pile of leftover paint.

color matchingDone and DONE! I will say that it was challenging because I have no pure white, no bright yellow and no bright blue. I am allowed to buy primary colors when they’re gone (as per the rules) but I didn’t realize I was out so I muddled through by adding random acrylics. As long as the majority of the paint is a good latex or enamel you can add a small percentage of sub-par paint for color and not affect the quality. So in the end, the colors are close but not as bright as I would’ve liked. Blame The Stash.

Junk Drawer Diva

Painted by the Junk Drawer Diva

This photo I found on Pinterest really caught my eye. It reminds me of Gypsy tents. (This artist is brilliant, so please visit her FB page) The colors don’t work, but I love the style. I love it being sanded back and stained and I love all the decorative details. That’s where I”m going with this. I don’t have all the cool moldings and carved pieces, but I think I can add some fun details here and there.

painted-benchThis is as far as I got today. Stay tuned tomorrow to see my progress. This is so much fun!


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