Looking for a soft place to land

Discount FabricsThe next step in finishing my new bench is obtaining foam for a cushion. My favorite place is this little dive in Normal Heights. If you’re new to San Diego, Normal Heights wishes it was North Park and dreams of being Kensington, but isn’t. I lived there in college and totally loved it right up until someone got shot at (no contact made) outside my house while someone else screamed the F word over and over again.

Discount fabricsAnyway, Discount Fabrics is this great little store in Normal Heights on Adams Ave.  It’s housed in an old theatre (obviously) and it’s full of upholstery fabric. They do carry some regular clothing fabric as well, but it’s primarily an upholstery fabric store.

upholstery fabricThe great thing about it is in the title….Discount Fabrics. The prices are way low, like $3 per yard low. Now granted, these aren’t the super high-end brands, but they do have silks and Sunbrella and lots of stuff that I think are pretty. They also have trim, ribbon and all sorts of haberdashery (I love that word but they only use it in England……and on this blog apparently).

foam cutterToday I was there for the foam. They’ve got all sorts on lengths and thicknesses and they’ll cut it for you. So I walked out with my bench foam, some thread and a little trim. Awesome. Back to finishing the bench tomorrow. Stay tuned.


All thoughts are welcome!

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