My Bench is Way Better Than Your Bench!

adorable benchI can hardly bear to look at this photo because it’s so freakin’ adorable!

So I finished my bed to bench project today when I finished sewing the cushion cover and planted my new bench on the front porch. This started out as a bed I picked up at a thrift store. Can you even stand it?!

distressed paintTo catch you up………..I sanded the paint and slathered on some crackle medium before I glazed it. I was going for a finish similar to what you’d find on old toys in a Paris flea market. If you haven’t been to a Paris flea market, I feel really bad for you and recommend stealing from your child’s college fund to pay for the experience. You know your kid isn’t going to go to college and you’re going to be there at the end of your life having never been to Paris, sitting next to your under educated child on the couch, watching other people shop in Paris on TV. Loser!

Crackle medium is basically glue and makes paint crack when it’s applied over a layer of the medium. Now in this case I was planning on applying glaze over the crackle and not paint. Crackle medium won’t cause glaze to crack, unless it’s applied thickly but it will make the glaze rumple and look cruddy, which is exactly what I was looking for.

antique wood finishSee how cruddy this looks? It’s like it’s been sitting behind a house in Provence for a good 50-75 years. Perfect! I really wanted this bench to look like I picked it up behind an old barn and dragged it home. You can almost smell the manure through the photos. mmmmmmm

cottage porchSo here’s my new porch. I used the bench to reference the orange and blue of the sewing table planter and the grey of the porch beams.

If you’re wondering why I angled the bench rather than plant it in front of the window, it’s because of Percy. My dog sits in the window and guards the house with all 20 (should be 18) pounds of his substantial girth and I don’t want to block his view. Yes, my life revolves around the happiness of my dog. I know it seems lame, but let’s just say, like my bench, my dog is better than your dog.

Percy(This is Percy meditating on his awesomeness)

Inventory used: acrylic craft paint, Latex paint, crackle medium, Stain & Seal, glaze


12 thoughts on “My Bench is Way Better Than Your Bench!

  1. Wow–I’ve never seen cruddy look so awesome before! Maybe Percy just needs some yoga to go with his meditative bliss. I can just see him in a downward facing dog pose.

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