Taking Stock of a Meager Hoard Pile

Last week was a good week for my new Etsy Shop. I sold two mail organizer boards in two days. Two others were sold just a few days before that. So panic ensued…….Oh my God there’s nothing left in my shop! Time to get back in the studio. Trouble is, the studio was missing vital components……..books and wood. Can’t make a board without books or wood. Looks like I’m shopping.

awesome booksTotally scored at a thrift store. These Reader’s Digest Condensed books are STUNNING! I nearly peed my pants. I also found some pretty, colorful books at a library sale that will be great for the large mail holders. I bought a bunch of metal filigree at the swap meet on Mother’s Day that are going to make my books so beautiful. I can’t wait to dress them up.

wood pileI hit the local Habitat ReStore to restock my wood pile. Found some quality (aka trashed!) moldings for the next set of boards. I keep finding cedar paneling at estate sales. I guess there’s a lot of people out there who think they’ll line their closets with cedar and then never really get around to it. Their loss!

mail organizerSo here’s my layout for a new mail organizer. It will have two book/mail holders, a chalkboard/pinboard, 3 bowls for paper clips and tacks, two wrought iron hooks and a big pencil holder.

craft supply organizerI’m creating four new boards that will be specifically created to hold crafting supplies. This is one of them. There’s a great metal shelf for bottles and jars and one of the crates is going to be altered to hold a ton of washi tape. Awesome!

craft organizerThis is going to be another craft organizer with three wood washi tape holders. It will also hold spools of ribbon and tons of glitter, glue and paint on the two metal shelves. I found these metal shelves in the salvage section of the local Veterans Thrift in Chula Vista. I don’t know what their real purpose is, but they’re going to be so wicked cool on my boards.

There are two more craft organizers still being laid out and designed. I want them to be really helpful in corralling the kind of clutter that happens in craft rooms and at the same time be beautiful to look at. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Taking Stock of a Meager Hoard Pile

  1. Your creations are always beautiful and I have keep changing my shirt after looking at your boards because I drool so much. Congrats on some more great designs!

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