A Brand New Place To Shop

My daughter and I went to an amazing estate sale today. “What no pictures?! Lazy! Selfish!” Let’s just say that I thought it was amazing, you probably would not have agreed with me. The garage looked like they had bagged an entire Home Depot hardware department into gallon size plastic bags and put it in a one car garage. It was awesome. But it was also dark, stuffy, sweaty and less than picturesque.

After that we headed to a new store I found online last night.

Mattson CompanyMattson Co. is a new estate liquidation and thrift store that opened just this month. They buy estates and sell it at onsite sales, online and in this brand new store. They’ve had a wherehouse in Chula Vista on Main Street, mostly full of furniture, but this new store seems to be more of a showroom.

antique chairsThese two antique chairs caught my eye, $99 each. Adorable. Too bad my family can’t have tufted furniture…….it’s a long story, don’t ask.

antique chinaThey had several sets of china and silver including large chaffing dishes and coffee urns, for those of you who have friends who are willing to come to your house and eat your food.

vintage furnitureMore tufted chairs that I can’t have. grrrrrrrrrrr……seriously, don’t ask.

antique hutchThis is a great hutch. Someone had obviously painted it and etched the little glass doors on top, but it’s still great with that enamel countertop. Can we even talk about the salt glazed crockery? Awesome.

antique ironworkAll this ironwork was really pretty and not something I ever see in stores. Now if I could just figure out what to do with it. Love the giant birdhouse too, but I just don’t want to dig the hole for it……….I know……lazy.

antique trunkThe store is organized well and the displays are attractive. I think their pricing is very fair, but not as cheap as going to the estate sale to begin with (obviously). But if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, this is a cleaner, easier option than getting up at the crack of dawn and hitting estate sales to dig through the crap. The stuff in the store is clean and ready to go home with you, unlike the junk I picked up today at the estate sale that’s all full of cooties and heading for a tub of bleach.

Good News! There’s a second floor to this building and I’m told it’s crammed full. The guy at the register told me they’re opening up the second floor in about a week, so I’ll definitely be going back soon. Anyone want to tag along?


9 thoughts on “A Brand New Place To Shop

  1. Sounds fun–although you’re the most un-lazy person I ever met! Love that blue box in the bottom pic. Although what would make me really happy is if I knew what was up about the tufted furniture! How am I supposed to sleep tonight with that unsolved mystery hanging over my head?

  2. What a great place! I can only imagine what else was there. What a great change of pace from going to a house to estate sales. I imagine this place could have several houses selling at once in their store showroom. Thanks for sharing!

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