A Wild Hair Up My Ass

Is it “A wild hair up my ass,” or “A wild hare up my ass”? I don’t understand either one of them. Anyone that can explain the phrase to me, please let me know.

Anyway, I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been busy. My husband took me to Portland, OR last week for some fun, wine, good food and a couple nights in a bed I didn’t have to make (like I make the bed at home……..like, never).

Anyway, Again, my daughter and I were sitting here a couple days ago, talking about how we should swap the dining room for the family room…….it’s a seriously good idea…….and it’s gonna happen. I was trying to think of where my Hoosier Hutch would go in the swap. The Hoosier Hutch is an antique I got from my parents and up til now it’s been used as a bar in my dining room. If we swapped the rooms, I wouldn’t need it there anymore because there are built-ins in that room. I started thinking, if only the counter pulled out far enough, I could use it as a sewing cabinet……………….AND THEY’RE OFF!

Destashio StudioGive a nice hearty welcome to the newest addition to the studio! As it turns out, the countertop does pull out far enough, and the sewing machine fits perfectly behind the rollup door.

After a couple quick measurements were taken, and we figured out that we didn’t have anything better to do now that school is out, we jumped. Apparently I’ve brought up my daughter to think that moving furniture during summer break is super fun. I should be arrested.

antique sewing cabinetA quick education on what the heck a Hoosier Hutch is; it’s a kitchen. Back in the day, before granite countertops and walk-in pantries people had Hoosier Hutches. Enamel countertops pulled out, big metal canisters not only stored flour, but sifted it as well, while other metal components held stuff that needed ice or just to stay cool.

antique hutchSo instead of potatoes I’m storing interfacing and batting in this metal pull out drawer. Perfect!

vintage tinsThe upper shelves are just for pretty storage and sewing books. The cups hold my buttons and the tins hold fabric scraps. The papers on the back of the hutch are (to die for, I know!) just held up with washi tape so they won’t harm the wood. Somewhere my Dad is breathing a sigh of relief because he thought for a second that I put wallpaper on his antique.

organized-sewing-notionsInstead of flour I’m storing yarn in the flour sifter. The top drawer is great for thread because it has built in dividers. How pretty is my sewing machine in front of that flocked lime green paper. Georgeous!

fabric storageThese kinds of photos make people like me a little weepy. Some cold storage for my wicked cool fabric collection.

antique storageThe underneath part has plenty of storage. The white, two drawer unit holds all my ribbons. I had an extra fabric liner that fit the metal rack perfectly and it holds extra ribbon spools and miscellaneous items without losing them.

I know it doesn’t look like something that should have taken me very long to do, but please understand that when I move things I end up reassessing my needs which leads to destashing. Anyway, all better now. Things back in order. Back to work tomorrow.

Quick note to my husband: Turns out the hutch breaks down in to three pieces and that it’s possible for two pussy girls to carry it upstairs without killing themselves. Thought you’d like to know.


8 thoughts on “A Wild Hair Up My Ass

  1. Just FYI to all y’all, she gave me her sewing cabinet that was my grandmothers. I’m so excited and I don’t even have a sewing machine yet!!

  2. I used all the word and phrase origin sites I could find on-line and there’s no agreement on whether it’s ‘hare’ or ‘hair’, nor do any of the experts seem to know the origins of the phrase. Karen, it’s a mystery! Colleen

  3. have a wild hair up (one’s) definition

    to act in a hyperactive and energetic manner. (Usually objectionable.) : She has a wild hair up her ass about something. I don’t know what.
    to be obsessed with some strange or offbeat idea. (Usually objectionable.) : You’re acting like you’ve got a wild hair up your ass. Calm down.

    • Thanks, Lisa. At least we know now that it’s Hair and not Hare. I still don’t get where that came from. Maybe they thought everyone would understand that if you had a wild hair up your ass you would definitely act crazy. I’ve never had that happen.

  4. Oh, yeah, about your blog entry (I got so excited about the “wild hair” part that I forgot to say anything): I’ve always adored that hutch and I absolutely LOVE it in your studio! I just know that Mom would approve. Good going, girlfriend.

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