One Year Anniversary – Stash Inventory Update

Paint Stash 2013

From three shelves down to two

I’m a few days late, but I just finished taking inventory of my paint Stash. The One Year Anniversary of this blog is July 4th and I had intended to do my inventory in a timely fashion like the compulsive person that I am. Two things ended up pulling me away from achieving my goal. One: my husband decided at 10 am, on the Fourth, that we should have my family over for barbecue. Great idea, and totally fun, but that shouldn’t have taken me all day and I should have been able to get the inventory done. The nail in my coffin was that AMC started a Walking Dead Marathon at 10 am. Seriously, they’re killin’ me!

my obsession

How am I supposed to walk away from this? Dried up paint and plaster can not compete with this! The inventory took me a couple days to complete, in between commercials, it’s pathetic. Ask my family……if I’m into something that’s on tv, I’m completely paralyzed and I lose my ability to hear. Couple that with dead people and forget about it, my ass is glued to the couch and you no longer exist.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen it thirty times either. If they ever find me dead in my home, there was probably a really good movie on and I didn’t hear the smoke detector. At least I died doing what I love.


leftover paintThis blog was created to document my attempt to get rid of my large stash of paint, left over from my days as a decorative paint contractor, all before my husband and I move in a year. This is the halfway point for me. One year down, one year to go. This is the load of empty and rotten cans that went to the hazardous waste facility this morning after I finished my inventory.

It’s important to check your paint stock every year to check whether or not the products are still worth keeping. Regardless of when you bought them, the paint may no longer be usable. Sometimes you don’t close them completely or the container fails or something contaminates them and makes them rotten or solidifies them. The only way to check is to actually open them and stir them. Just listening for liquid isn’t good enough. I’ve opened fairly new paint that sounds liquid and good only to find a hard shell with oil on top and a lot of hard paint underneath. Sometimes you open the can and so much rust has built up on the lid and fallen in the paint and there isn’t enough good product to strain out. Always take your leftover cans to a hazardous waste facility. Please don’t even dream about putting this stuff in the trash. I think you go to a special place in Hell for that. Paint Hell.

The Stash page has been updated with the reduced inventory list. A lot of the oil-base stains had become rotten. Oil-base stains usually last well, but if the lid gets compromised or if the product gets contaminated it hardens like a rock. Many rocks unearthed today. It’s sad that I didn’t use them, but at least my goal is a little closer. I’m considering holding an event in the fall to give away products I can’t find a use for, stay tuned for that. Let me know if you’re local and want to be invited.

That’s enough chit chat…….I gotta get back to the marathon!


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary – Stash Inventory Update

  1. Big Congrats on the anniversary! It’s a great feeling. And another congrats on the steadfast goal with using up the paint as much as possible to whittle it down. Can’t wait to see what your second year brings us!

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