My Weekend at Comic-Con

Zombie RunI have been more than up front with my “Walking Dead” addiction, so it will be no surprise to you that Saturday night found my daughter and me with tickets to the Walking Dead Escape, zombie run. CRAZY!

Comic-Con was this past weekend in San Diego (for those of you that live under a rock) and downtown San Diego was Heaven for geeks for four fabulous days. Before this weekend I’ve only been close enough to see people walking around downtown in fantastic costumes. This year we were blessed with free passes for Sunday. We couldn’t wait for Sunday to come, so we decided to pay to have zombies chase us until our legs gave out. It was awesome.

Zombie warningThis is what greeted us. So wicked cool.

zombie attack

Zombies don’t care if you’re an adorable child……you’re just a Kid’s Meal to them.

There are three ways to get in to the Walking Dead Escape. You can buy a spectator ticket and watch people like me make complete asses of themselves. You can buy a zombie ticket and the Walking Dead people give you a makeover like this.

Walking Dead medic Or you can buy a survivor ticket and try to get through the course without getting infected with the zombie virus. We bought Survivor tickets……..and no…..I didn’t survive. But I did get to run like a little girl with this guy:

David PuddyPatrick Warburton, the actor who played David Puddy in Seinfeld, ran in the same group as us. He was with his family. The Walking Dead Escape is a great family friendly activity. I know it brought me and my daughter closer. Nothing like the flesh eating undead to bring you closer to your teenage daughter. mmmmmmm tasty.

After we recuperated from our brush with death we ran into this guy:

Matt SmithThis is Matt Smith, the current Doctor from Dr. Who and he was ducking in to the Hard Rock Hotel and my daughter burst in to tears from being within touching distance of him. Crazy! Great moment.

Then we ran in to this guy:

GrimmMonroe, from the show Grimm (our Friday night favorite) walked right past us, totally staring at my daughter, who then remembered that she still had “blood” on her forehead from being shot by a doctor to prevent her from turning in to a zombie. It sucks being a zombie. Although if anyone knows about turning into a hellish creature, it would be Monroe.

zombie fightInside Comic-Con the next day was great. Geek Paradise. We had to kill a couple zombies outside the prison……..just defending my right to rampant profanity.

Wall of HeadsWe tried to kill this adorable young zombie just outside The Wall of Heads, but we couldn’t get her out. Dang. (These are all Walking Dead references. If you want to keep up, rent the series through Netflix. You’ll thank me.)

The rest of the day was just full of over-the-top costumes, fantastic artwork and so many people in one place that I’m thankful no one screamed “fire” or “Oh my God, it’s Captain Kirk!” The stampede would’ve been ugly. So glad I got the chance to go. Big thank you to my fairy godmother, Eric. Love you, Man!

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4 thoughts on “My Weekend at Comic-Con

  1. NO WAY! Dianna is NOT one of those girls that cries when she sees a celebrity. Who are you and what have you done to Dianna?! Must be a leftover side effect from that nasty zombie virus. Maybe a little penicillin and a couple of vodka tonics will take care of that.

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