The Consequences of Home Improvement

remodel debrisI know you’re all having trouble sleeping because you haven’t heard if I finished the bathroom remodel today. “Did she check everything off her yellow legal pad list?” “Did she cave to the whisperings of her couch and watch Downton Abbey all day?” I wish!

I finished the bathroom today. Yay Me! Unfortunately, I finished late in the afternoon and the light isn’t perfect, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to photograph the remodel in all its glory, and believe me, it’s glorious.

studio disasterWhat’s tempering my enthusiasm is the fallout from 2 1/2 weeks of working on this project…….aka: my studio is a disaster. For the last two weeks I have been completely focused on finishing this project which means things like putting stuff away, throwing stuff away, dusting, washing, cleaning, showering, etc. have definitely fallen by the wayside. That ends tomorrow.

Tomorrow, after the photos are taken and before the congratulatory Starbuck/Barnes & Noble outing, the studio will have to be cleaned. I actually love this part of the process. It brings me back to center, back from crazy, manic, I’ll kill anybody that gets in my way girl.

The truth of the matter is, three weeks ago my daughter told me about all her plans for her final year in high school. I tried to picture her getting ready for each day in a bathroom with primary striped wallpaper and a vanity made for a toddler. The same bathroom she’s had since she was five. I know it’s a first world problem, and I’m not going to cure cancer, but at the very least, and I mean the very least, I wanted to give her a grown up bathroom, so she could grow up. I think in this bathroom, she will start to see the beginnings of the woman my whole family knows she is becoming. Go get ’em Dianna! We’re right behind you.


All thoughts are welcome!

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