Destashing in every sense of the word

This being my daughter’s senior year, and she being the only child we have, I knew there would be a lot of changes coming our way this year. Our original plan for our lives after her graduation was that my daughter would stay in our house with a couple roomates and go to the local college. My husband and I (and Percy) would move out of the suburbs and closer to downtown San Diego. However, the longer we thought on this, the more we thought that leaving the care of this house to a couple college girls probably wasn’t the best idea. My daughter is really responsible, but it’s a big house (to me) with a huge yard and it takes a lot of time to maintain it.

The plan has now changed. All three of us are plannng on moving out next summer; her to an apartment and us closer to downtown. We’re not sure if we’ll end up renting or selling the house and that will depend on the California real estate market. Regardless of which way we go, we will be moving out completely, not halfway, like in the original plan. Ever since that decision was made we are looking at everything, both in and out of the house, through the lens of someone who has to pack up and move it.

Destashing and finishing projects is becoming my whole focus. When it comes to unfinished projects I am realizing that you can’t sell or rent homes with half the wallpaper hanging off, like in the Master Bath. I’ve also realized that it might be easier to reupholster the outdoor patio cushions rather than moving the foam and the huge bolt of fabric to the next place, hoping there will be room to store it.

In the next few posts I’ll be giving you a tour of my home and the unfinished projects that lay ahead of me. A lot of these projects are not going to be paint related, but I hope you’ll still follow along. I’ll still be destashing, but I’ll be getting rid of materials related to DIY projects as well. It’s going to be a great adventure and I’m definitely all in!


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