Day one – Intro to RV living

Priority #1: before I go anywhere, the mattress (aka-springs enclosed in nasty fabric) in the master suite has to be removed and replaced with my nice one. I’m not the kind of girl that roughs it. I’m the kind of girl who will tear your head off if I sleep poorly (ask anyone who has had to live with me). It’s in everyone’s best interest to insure me a good night’s sleep.

We loaded up all the necessities and headed out of town. We knew the first day would suck a little. The scenery surrounding places like El Centro and Yuma is bleak to say the least. Every rest stop you dare to exit your vehicle you are wrapped in air so dry and hot that you can feel yourself aging while you’re waiting for your dog to pee.

Sedona dog park

This is Sedona, not Yuma, you can tell because there are live plants.

The RV we rented is really nice. It’s 31 feet long (for all you men out there obsessed with the length of things), it’s way too big for me to handle, good thing I have a driver. It has a loft bed over the cab, and a master suite with (my) queen size bed in the back. It has a really big fridge/freezer so we’re eating breakfast and lunch in the camper. We reward ourselves with dinner at a nice restaraunt as long as it’s Percy friendly.

We drove through the desert and then north through Phoenix. We ended up staying the night at a fantastic RV Park in Sedona, Rancho Sedona RV campground. We got the last available spot, right next to the showers. Awesome. And by the way…really nice showers. I’ve paid a lot more for less.

handmade birdhouseSedona was beautiful. I’m not going to be able to say anything that hasn’t already been said. The red rock canyons and the soaring treeline were beyond beautiful. The air was so fresh and we could see the Milky Way and all the stars at night. We also saw bats but only because they seemed determined to hit someone in the face. We got away unscathed, luckily. Yay, Nature!

Red Rocks of SedonaWe got there at sunset so the temperature was perfect. We ate some good Mexican food, explored the park, took showers and went to bed. Great first day.

Sedona BirdhouseBeauty, ay?


2 thoughts on “Day one – Intro to RV living

  1. We tent camped in Sedona on our cross country trip at a great little spot on a river. Yes, the scenery was amazing! Not that we’re complaining – but we would have liked one of those showers you wrote about (where we were camping only had pit toilets).

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