Marburger’s Farm Antique Fair or Bust

Fun on WheelsI set out Wednesday with a couple of my favorite people and my dog Percy on an RV adventure to Round Top, Texas for the Marburger’s Farm Antique Fair. Marburger’s is an annual show that takes over the tiny town of Round Top, hosting vendors from all over the world for four glorious days in October.

Marburger's Farm Antique Fair

It’s not just an antique show, it’s an event, with ten huge tents, three restaurants and a saloon….that’s right…..a saloon. I don’t know why more antique fairs and flea markets sell alcohol. I understand that most of these shows open around 9 am, and that doing shots before noon could be considered poor taste, but you sure would sell a lot more antique French armoires if the customers were liquored up. Hell, they’d be handing over cash before they even realize that it will never fit in their Prius.

We decided to rent an rv and really make it an adventure. None of us have seen the Grand Canyon, so we decided to make that the first stop. We’ll go from there through Grand Junction, Colorado, followed by Denver to see friends and family. From there we’ll head down to Austin, Texas. Round Top is just outside Austin.

I’ve never taken a trip in an RV, but I figured it would be the best way to include Prince Percius. I hate leaving him behind. I’m so crazy about this dog that it actually subtracts joy from any activity that I have without him. Call me whatever insulting name you use for people like me, but know this…..rolling down the road with this precious soul snoozing on my lap, I am having a way better day than you are.

shhh...angel sleepingI mean………how can you stand it!

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting along my journey whenever I get wi-fi.



9 thoughts on “Marburger’s Farm Antique Fair or Bust

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  3. I live 10 miles from Round Top / Warrenton area. If you want to pay an admission and look at an enormous amount of high prices….then go to Marburger’s. Personally, I find the better deals at all the other dozens of FREE admission places from Carmine all the way down to Warrenton. Just get on Hwy 237 and pick and choose, I’m sure you will have a blast. Happy Traveling.

    • Margo, I missed your comment when I was on the road and just read this today while I’m going through all my emails. I don’t know that it would have changed my plan since Marburger’s was the goal, but now that I’ve been there, I would have to agree with you. We passed a ton of markets on the way in and I wished we had had the time to stop there as well. They were probably closer to our price range.

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