Day Two – Grand Canyon

We left Sedona after a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked in our tiny kitchen, followed by a quick walk to the dog park. Percy tried to leave his calling card, but I threw it away. Never fails. No one will ever know he’s been anywhere, poor guy.

Arizona mountain beautyThe scenery on the way to the Grand Canyon is beautiful. Luckily, we’re in a huge RV, so we have plenty of time to take it all in as it slowly maneuvers every harrowing turn.

When we stopped for a quick look at a scenic rest stop we were assaulted by this wicked wind, that ended up dogging us all day. I stepped out with Percy in my arms and the wind almost grabbed him from me. That’s when we knew… was definitely going to be a bad hair day. Out came the ball caps.

Ruins at the CanyonWe read all the stuff on the Grand Canyon and decided we were only interested in seeing it and taking a few photos. Donkey rides sounded horrible and Percy doesn’t know how to ride. We’re not interested in the gift shops, t-shirts or iphone cases with photos of the Grand Canyon emblazoned on them. We also decided to stay away from the suspension bridges that allow you to walk over the Grand Canyon. Truth be told, Percy is a huge pussy. I totally would have done it, but he was crying and begging me not to make him go. So we ended up going to the Desert View end of the Southern Rim.

Desert View Grand Canyon Again, I’m not going to be able to say anything profound or moving about finally seeing it. It’s really, really big. It makes you grab your camera, but really, I knew even while I was taking pictures that none of them would really convey the magnitude of what I was looking at. It’s huge and totally worth the drive. We didn’t get close to the edge because the wind was actually picking up our feet as we walked. Percy was practically a kite. But from the safe places behind the rails we took pictures and really enjoyed the moment.

Four CornersFrom there we drove to Four Corners. We actually could have made better time if we’d had a sail on the RV because the wind was so brutal that we didn’t feel so much as we were driving as much as just trying to keep all the wheels on the ground.

We made it to Four Corners two minutes before it ‘closed.’ I put that in quotations because no one was there. There were big signs saying, “No dogs allowed” but no one was there to enforce it, so Percy got all four paws on all Four Corners. Awesome!

The wind died down when we got to Durango, Colorado. We grabbed some food, drank a little wine, rubbed Vaseline all over our parched faces and went to bed. Success!


5 thoughts on “Day Two – Grand Canyon

  1. Awesome, Karen, simply awesome. The pics are beautiful–even though you think they don’t convey the majesty of what you’re experiencing, they do a damn good job for this El Cajon city wench. When you began to talk about the wind, I found myself wondering where the flying monkeys and witches on bicycles were. Glad you guys are having such a great time and I wish you all lottery and no lightning for the rest of the trip. Can’t wait to see what treasures you bring home! Hugs to you & the crew.

    • I thought Durango had a great downtown area, which is about all I saw since we pulled in so late. I wish we could have met and had a cocktail or something. Now you’ll just have to come to San Diego!

      • Meeting for a cocktail in Durango would have been tough for me too… it’s my “hometown,” but I no longer live there. If ever again you have a chance to spend time in Durango, it IS a great place. Glad you at least got a sample!

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