Day Three – The Rockies

(this is a continuation of a series started on September 27th)

Driving from Durango, through the Rockies was one of the most memorable days of the trip. We were cruising along slowly in the morning which always puts me to sleep. I was awoken by my daughter asking, “Is that snow?” I opened my eyes to snowflakes hitting the windshield.

snow in the RockiesThe sides of the road went from having a light dusting of snow, to having several inches piling up. So exciting! The aspens had begun turning gold and the contrast between the amber leaves and the pure white snow was stunning.

It took awhile, but we found a safe place to pull off the road so we could introduce Percy to the concept of snow. Southern California dogs don’t get the chance often, so we just couldn’t ignore the opportunity, even if he’d hate us for the rest of his life.

Percy's first snowPercy doesn’t like water at all so we were going to have to be quick with the camera. I got myself ready and Dianna put Percy’s sweater on to buffer the shock. He was very curious and definitely looked like he was trying to get away from it, but at least he took a moment to catch a few snowflakes on his tongue.

snowflake catchingWhen we parked for the night in Gypsum it was 37 degrees outside. The camper has a great furnace, so we got it nice and toasty while we ate our steakhouse takeout dinner.

And then the furnace died……..

The driver spent a good hour both in and out of the vehicle trying to fix it. He’s a mechanic, so we thought it would be a quick fix. Nope. We called the rental company and they gave us a few tips, none of which worked. It was 10 o’ clock at night so there wasn’t going to be anyone able to come help. So we bundled up, put Percy’s sweater on, wrapped him in three blankets (he’s a fragile flower) and went to bed.

At 2am my daughter woke me up to inform me that her steakhouse fish n chips had decided that it would rather be in the rv septic system rather than remain in her stomach (I’m trying to be delicate). She’s telling me how sick she is and all I’m thinking is, “Jesus, it’s f*#king cold in here!” Turns out it was 30 degrees in the camper. She took some Pepto, we ran the stove for 10 minutes to take the edge off the frigidity and went back to bed.

This scene repeated again at 4am. Double Awesome!

Ouray-ColoradoTomorrow had to be better, right?


2 thoughts on “Day Three – The Rockies

  1. Nothing like fish the second time around–that happened to me on our honeymoon to Hawaii. What a bummer for Dianna. Even though it was freezing cold and Percy was turning a lovely shade of blue, the photography is beautiful. Hope the furnace problem was remedied. I’ll look forward to the next installment of the travelogue–take care you guys!

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