Days Four & Five – from Gypsum to Austin


One of the more exciting moments on the road

(This is part of a series that started September, 27th)

I’m combining these two days because they were fairly boring days. I barely took any pictures because there just wasn’t anything worth photographing. No offense to the land between Denver and Austin. I’m sure there’s beauty there, it just wasn’t near the freeway.

After hot showers and coffee to thaw us both inside and out, we shoved off. We visited my in-laws for a few hours in Evergreen and got back on the road after lunch. We ended up in Trinidad, Colorado at nightfall and decided that rather than expose ourselves to the elements, we would get a cheap room at the La Quinta hotel. Percy got his first exposure to elevators, without batting an eye. Do you ever wonder what dogs must think? We walk into a box, the doors close, and when they open we’re in a different place. For all they know, we just got out of the glass elevator at Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And you can’t explain it to them.

From Trinidad we kept driving south until we hit Lubbock, Texas where we stayed at the nicest RV Park we could find. All the parks we’d stayed at before had obviously been for tourists. Not so in Lubbock, Texas. I’m pretty sure that people don’t build decks and staircases for their campers if they’re just staying for the week. Or maybe I’m just lazy. It definitely had that lived-in-by-pedophiles feeling. I’m pretty sure people were looking out their creepy windows when we pulled up and thinking my daughter looked  like a Scooby Snack. Luckily, the driver is armed and no one would dare mess with Percy. He could kill you, especially if you’re hoarding bacon. Luckily the night air was mild and the creepers stayed home.

Doodle StitchingTo keep the doldrums away during the boring parts of the trip, we brought craft supplies and books. You know, all those things you bought while uttering the phrase, “Someday when I have time, this will be fun to do.” Someday had come. We spent many hours working through this book, “Doodle Stitching” by Aimee Ray. It’s a really creative book with modern motifs that are easy to follow. It also has a cd with it so you can resize the patterns to fit your project.

I’m working on a piece with a gnome, trees and mushrooms. Dianna is working on a design with two hedgehogs. It’s adorable. I think she’s better at this than me, but we’re both having fun and it helps time pass. We’re making our own souvenirs. Every time we look at them we’ll remember this trip and the time we spent together. Priceless.

We arrived at my cousin’s house, just outside Austin, the night before the Marburger Farm Antique Show opened. We had great Chinese takeout at my cousin’s house and caught up on all the family gossip. I think her dauschaund is in love with Percy. How can you blame her?

Prince Persius


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